C2 – Private Services

C2 – Private Services and Products

** Under construction **  We need help in order to setup, organize and manage all that. If you know any organization or person who helps the autistics, please contact us.

  • In this section, we will list the professionals, services and products which can help the autistics concretely, individually, especially those with noticeable results.
  • They will be reviewed (as much as possible) by the Autistic Alliance, and they will have one of the following ratings :
    • “Not yet reviewed”
    • “Reviewed and Approved by Autistance and the Autistic Alliance”
    • “Reviewed, Approved and Certified by Autistance and the Autistic Alliance”
      (These are “Approved” who pay to receive and use a diploma, which will also be displayed here.)
    • “Reviewed, without conclusions”
    • “Not Recommended by Autistance and the Autistic Alliance”
  • Anyone has the right to appeal of our ratings. In such case, we will make an enlarged panel of autistics, and/or we will give our detailed reasons and recommendations necessary to obtain a better rating.
  • We will rely on the List of the Fundamental Rights of the Autistics (visible at Autistan.org), on other criteria.
  • We are autistics : there is no way to “buy” our opinions. On the contrary, any such attempt would be mentioned here.
  • The directory will be searchable by country, city, specialty, etc.