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Autistance concept

Autistance is a multi-functional tool
for the mutual assistance between the autistic persons
and the parents with the help of volunteers.

It relies principally on this website, and it is free 🙂



In the Forums you can discuss about subjects or problems related to autism or to our organizations or projects, even if you are not part of a Working Group.
Most Forums are connected to a Working Group or a Group of Persons.

Working Groups

The Working Groups are one of the most important components : they are used to provide help to the autistic users and their parents, to our “Services”, and to our other concepts and websites.

Groups of Persons

These groups help the users to meet and to collaborate according to their “type of user” or their region.


The “Departments” are used for the various types of assistance, especially thanks to the Volunteers.


These are services proposed to the autistic persons and to the parents, like :
– an Emergency Support Service (to do, with an “Anti-Suicide Team”),
– an “AutiWiki” (knowledge base, questions and answers, resolution guides – under construction),
– an Employment Service (under construction),
– and more in the future (about the various needs, like housing, health, creativity, experimentation and travels, etc.)


This section is intended to help the users to develop their projects of tools, systems, methods and other things useful for autistic people.

Support about the site

A section with questions and answers about technical issues or about the Autistance concept.

Components to be installed soon

“Questions” : This is a system of questions and answers like StackOverFlow or Quora, allowing to vote and to put the best answers at the top.
Only about autism, and coupled with a system for asking experts (autistic specialists, or professionals).

Components to be installed in the future

“Listings” : This will allow to announce the help requests and the volunteering proposals, and also the job listings.

“Directory” : In order to find useful resources about autism.

“AutiWiki” : In order to share the right informations about autism, written by the autistic people who will – hopefully – collaborate to this project.


Another useful feature, which is at the core of our concept, is the “AutPerNets” system (for “Autistic Personal Networks”).

Every autistic person can have their own AutPerNet here (which can be managed by their parents if necessary) ; it is designed to gather and to “synchronize” all the people who are “around” the autistic person or who can help her, in order to share informations and situations, to stick to a coherent strategy.

Indeed, rules should be always the same, and they should be applied the same way, otherwise they will be perceived as unjust or absurd, therefore they won’t be followed.

Parents can use their AutPerNet to upload video recordings of the situations or of the behavior of their autistic children, and they can invite some users that they trust, in order to analyse them and to find the explanations.

Like all the groups, they can have their own video meeting room.

The AutPerNets are private hidden groups, fro obvious security reasons.

And they are free, like all the services provided by Autistance.


Automatic translation

This system allows anyone in the world to collaborate, without barriers.

Project Management system

This is the key component of the site.
It allows to create various projects within any group (Working Groups, Groups of Persons, “AutPerNets”).
Each project can have milestones, lists of tasks, tasks, sub-tasks, comments, deadlines, responsible persons, Kanban board, Gantt chart, etc.,
The Projects are visible only by the members of the groups, except for the {*DEMO* project}

Translated text chats

These chats, existing in each group, allows discussions between users not speaking the same language.
Some groups also have a special chat system synchronized with the application “Telegram”, allowing to discuss here and in our Telegram groups at the same time.


This allows the users to find information about the Autistance concept, about the site and how to use the components and tools, and about the various projects of the Working Groups.
It is different from the AutiWiki, which is for information about autism.

Video Chats

For the logged-in users, we provide ways to discuss easily by voice (with or without a webcam), in order to clarify some aspects of a project, or to help each other.

Video Meetings for Working Groups

Each group has its own virtual meeting room, where it is possible to discuss in audio and video, to use a text chat, to share the desktop screen, and to raise hand.

Tools to be installed soon

“Notes” : This allows the users to take notes anywhere in the site (for example during meetings), and to save them and organize them.

ABLA Project

This is an international collaboration project in order to help the autistic persons, which relies on the Autistance concept and system.
Learn more here.

Join the adventure

Do not be afraid by the apparent complexity
or by the idea that “you cannot do it”.
Just experiment some new things, like we do.
Anyone can help, no one is useless.
Help is not a luxury for the autistic people.

Create your account now, it’s easy !

More details

Click here to display more detailed information about the Autistance concept.

    This concept of practical assistance for autistic individuals is complementary of Autistan.org, which is about the cause of autism in general (especially with the public authorities) and not for individual cases.

    This project of mutual help system is necessary because public agencies and other agencies do not provide (or very little) the necessary assistance to autistic people (and their families).

    Like all our concepts, here it’s the autistic persons who are at the center of the project.
    But, contrary to the concepts “Autistan”, here we – the autistics – are at the center but we are not directing everything.
    We want a genuine system of self-help and sharing based on the idea that everyone needs everyone, and that neither autistic people nor parents can reduce our difficulties by doing things alone.

    One of the basics of this concept is the fact that every autistic person needs a personal network of self-help. It is obvious, but it rarely exists.

    This project can produce results only with the participation of a large number of persons.

    In order to have a single workspace, the “Autistance” concept also manages the realization (but not the direction) of all the projects for the other concepts and sites (Autistan, and other sites “non-Autistan”, for example in France), thanks to our Project Management system.

    Please note also that, in spite of the fact that some Working Groups here may help some of our other sites which have an “activist” or even “political” action, Autistance.org is only a tool, is not an organisation, has no “activist” nor “political” role (nor intentions of such), and that the “strategical” decisions are not taken here.
    Therefore, the discussions about policies, principles, theories, hypotheses, and so on, are not in the scope of Autistance.org, are generally counter-productive here, and may be prohibited in most areas of the site (in the Project Management system and in all the public sections of the Forum).

    Last but not least: in the Video Chats, the registered users can discuss about what they want: preferably about helping the autistic people of course, but these chat rooms are not made for “working” and no decision will be taken there.
    Indeed, all the important steps of the “works” have to be made by written (in particular, in the Project Management system), in order:

    • to be able to guarantee equity for the persons who did not participate to a live meeting;
    • to analyse them later (for example, to understand errors);
    • and also in order to re-use them as examples for similar projects (or solutions) in the future by other autistic persons or families anywhere in the world.

    There is nothing to pay to use Autistance.org, nor hidden fees: everything is free.
    (The system “Ask the Expert” will ask payments for the experts.)
    The persons who want to help us to pay our bills can make a little donation through Autistan.shop.

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