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Many thanks to Gtranslate !

This smart plugin for WordPress allows us to automatically translate almost the entire site, including live conversations.

This young and friendly company spontaneously offered us two yearly subscriptions to their “Premium” service 🙂

It is very nice to find, sometimes, companies that are not obsessed exclusively with maximum profit, and who may want to help for a cause.

Thanks to machine translations, and even if they are sometimes imperfect in conversations, it becomes possible for any autistic person in the world to discuss with another autistic person from another country, who shares similar passions (for Autistan.net), and it allows collaboration between anyone here in Autistance.org.

We think that reducing the barriers between people is really important, and probably necessary.

Thank you!

March 2020 addition

The incredible Gtranslate team, always ready to assist, helped us to use the “sub-domain structure” of their system.
This allows to obtain even better translations, and also it is possible to correct them manually in case of errors.

August 2020 update

On August 23, 2020, Gtranslate offered us a new yearly license (worth 178 $) for free.
And they are constantly verifying if all is fine, and asking if they can do anything to help to improve the translation system or to solve some technical issues that may happen.
Thank you very much! 🙂

They help us

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