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E – Education

E – Appropriate Education and Learning

** Under construction **  We need help in order to setup, organize and manage all that. If you know any organization or person who helps the autistics, please contact us.

The appropriate education and self-learning are necessary :

  • for the autistics, about non-autism and autism
  • for the non-autistics (parents, mainstream public…), about autism and non-autism
  • for the public services (administrations, medical authorities etc.), about autism 
    (they cannot learn non-autism, because of their systemic limitations)

The education is not in the scope of the Autistance, but if we find some appropriate education organizations, vectors, tools, etc., we will strive to list them in this section, in order to propose an “all-in-one” portal in order to provide all the basic helpful information.


We are supporting a project named “Autistic Alliance Education Global Project” relying on Internet and the concept of “organization”, and useful for all the families with autistics in the world, even in the remote cities.

It has been designed in 2016 by the Autistic Alliance (part of our network of organizations) and there are several national parents organizations interested in several countries.

But it is not possible to develop this project without means and without the collaboration of some States.

Hence, for now, unfortunatley we don’t have any other option that continuing to do our best with our concepts and organizations, until some State or sponsor eventually realizes the huge potential that we have to help the autistics (1% of the world), in order to reduce useless and nonsense sufferings and injustices.

Do not think that “there is probably someone somewhere in the world who helps the autistics”…
If it is true, in 4 years we have never found any organization able and willing to help the autistics, without considerations (limitations) of age, “level” or country.

“Help” = “Freedom, autonomy, empowerment, intelligent inclusion of the autistics, and respect of autism”.
Not “Treatments, cures, hospitals, special centers etc.”


They help us

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