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A2 – Autistance Groups

** Under construction **  We need help in order to setup, organize and manage all that. If you know any organization or person who helps the autistics, please contact us.


A2 – Autistance Community Help, by and for Autistics and Parents

How it works

  • Every autistic or parent looking for help or willing to share help registers in our system.
  • Every registered autistic has a page describing his peculiarities, special needs and difficulties, which can be made by his/her parents).
  • You have to organize your own “Autistance Personal Network” in our system, with at least 5 to 10  members, preferably in different time zones (in Americas and in other countries), so that he or she can be helped at any time in case of emergency.
  • This is complementary to the Autism Discussion Groups already existing, made by other autistics and by parents. You should check also these groups, in order to build your network. 
  • We will build a system of members and groups internal to the “Autistance” system :
    the “Autistance Groups”

    (once we will manage to figure how to do that).

  • Autistics can help autistics or parents.
  • Parents can help autistics or parents.
  • Some verified benevolent (non-autistic) volunteers are here to help as well.
  • When an autistic has a new problem or difficulty, he or she posts the description (which can include media files) in the appropriate place (to be built).
  • No one has to pay anything.
  • We have to create an urgent alert system, in order to help the autistics (or parents) live with a smartphone in case of crises and social emergencies, public services, hospital problems.
    This can be associated with the Autistance card (which will help to give information about the autistic person, and to connect to his/her Autistance Personal Network).
  • We need also to build a system in order to learn from the problems.
    Maybe this can be helped by a system of credits : for example, an autistic could ask for assistance not more than 10 times per month, and every time there would be a discussion within the support group, in order to analyse the problem and to find solutions, in order to reduce the difficulties for the next time.
    It would be interesting also write logs of the problems, causes and solutions – and to make stats.
  • This section cannot accept discussions or informations or files not related to the subject (community assistance by and for autistics and families).


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