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B1 – Autism Discussion Groups

** Under construction **  We need help in order to setup, organize and manage all that. If you know any organization or person who helps the autistics, please contact us.

B1 – Autism Discussion Groups

We will strive to list (below) the “Autism Discussion Groups” 
already existing (on Facebook, Whatsapp etc.) where you can also try to find persons accepting to join your Autistance Personal Network.

  • The Autism Discussion Groups are not created nor managed by us, and generally not focused on the assistance, but they may be helpful :
    • in order to find persons who can help ;
    • in order to find persons to help ;
    • in order to find people with whom to chat (about all kinds of topics), which is also a way to help persons who feel lonely and depressed etc.
  • Additonally, maybe it could be interesting if we could provide them with a service of assistance or mediation in case of problems or disputes between members of these groups, thanks to the neutral help of volunteers.

  • B1_en – External Discussion Groups in English (project)

  • B1_fr – External Discussion Groups in French 

    • B1.1_fr – External Discussion Groups in French reserved for the Autistics

    • B1.2_fr – External Discussion Groups in French for Autistics & Parents

      • Autisme Entraide France

        “Ce groupe à pour but l’aide aux personnes autistes et à leur famille. Cela doit fonctionner sur le bénévolat… Mais cela peut prendre différentes formes en fonction des besoins de ces personnes..
        A ce jour nous ne pouvons plus compter seulement sur l’Etat pour avancer… Alors je souhaite longue vie à cette initiative à laquelle je pense depuis plusieurs année et qui apparemment fonctionne déjà au Canada.”

  • B1_es – External Discussion Groups in Spanish (project) 

  • B1_pt – External Discussion Groups in Portuguese

    • B1.1_pt – External Discussion Groups in Portuguese reserved for the Autistics

    • B1.1_pt – External Discussion Groups in Portuguese for Autistics & Parents

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