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Category " 5: Autistic Qualities "

This category is intended for everything related to the qualities of “autism” (ie. its positive or useful aspects), which shall not be confused with “the troubles”, as explained below.)

Autism is the “autistic nature” (see category 1, or our explanations on https://Autistan.org), and it is essential not to confuse this with the “difficulties”, “problems” or “troubles” which are inevitable when people live according to opposite frames of reference (the natural frame of reference for autistic people, and distorted and flawed frames of reference for non-autistic social systems, especially “western”).

Once one understands the merits of making this distinction between “autism” on the one hand, and “problems” on the other hand, then it becomes possible to focus on the qualities of autistic people, without the logical barrier preventing us from thinking about “qualities of troubles”, which does not make sense.

The existence of autistic qualities is the simplest way to understand that “autism” and “troubles” are two different things.

Despite this evidence (which – to our knowledge – we are the only ones to explain, since 2016), it appears that at least 99.99% of people continue to confuse these two notions, which is one of the main reasons explaining why “nobody understands anything about autism” and why it is so difficult to progress, especially because nobody wants to take into account seriously the explanations from autistic persons (like these ones here), while continuing to vainly seek information from non-autistic persons. (This is an example of a non-autistic inconsistency.)

If you want to understand better, you can read the section “Explanations” in Autistan.org (new window).

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