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Tag " 442-Personal Adaptation "

All that concerns the efforts of adaptation on the part of the autistic person, and in particular thanks to “learning non-autism” (not to “become non-autistic”, but to understand how non-autism works and therefore being able to adapt easily).
This also concerns the actions (more or less relevant and beneficial) generally called “therapies” (which an inappropriate term because there is nothing to cure: it is a question of educating and teaching).

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Bonjour, j’ai des difficultés de nature sensorielle. J’ai très très chaud (c’est l’été), j’enlève mon T-shirt, et instantanément je me sens frigorifiée (et ça me donne envie de pleurer, comme un bébé). Alors je passe mon temps à enlever et remettre mon T-shirt. Ou à ...
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