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Category " 4: Subjective Problems "

This category is for the so-called “troubles”, which are generally behaviours that are “weird” or “not normal” and which are therefore perceived as problems (or disorders) by the social environment.

This includes what is generally called “autistic disorders”, those lack of interest in “common” conventional social peculiarities, or those special interests in things that autistics find much more exciting than “ordinary” and almost obligatory interests.

In other words, these are problems that annoy (or trouble) non-autistic people but not autistic people.
When these problems create actual situations of exclusion or other troubles imposed on the autistic persons, it’s mainly because of intolerance or to what we call “Non-Autistic Disorders”.

The solution is not to force the autistic person to act in an absurd or flawed manner, but rather to improve the social system to make it more open to difference and in particular to autistic people, which obliges it to correct its errors.

If you want to understand better, you can read the section “Explanations” in Autistan.org (new window).

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Bonjour, j’ai des difficultés de nature sensorielle. J’ai très très chaud (c’est l’été), j’enlève mon T-shirt, et instantanément je me sens frigorifiée (et ça me donne envie de pleurer, comme un bébé). Alors je passe mon temps à enlever et remettre mon T-shirt. Ou à ...
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