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Volunteer needed for : Website improvements (WordPress, BuddyPress, PHP, JavaScript, CSS…)


We need the help of someone who is familiar with WordPress and coding, in order to improve our site Autistance.org (about mutual help for autistic persons and families).

If you want to try to help us, please register to Autistance.org and mention the reason during your signup, and we will add you in the Working Group “Websites Improvement and Maintenance“.

We need at least one permanent volunteer for such questions. There is no limit.
(Please note : For security and privacy reasons, these volunteers cannot have an administrator role; thanks for your understanding.)

Thank you very much.

Example 1: How to have a “smooth scroll” effect (after a delay of 1 or 2 seconds) to an “id=” on all the BuddyPress group pages.

Currently we have a <body onload=’ location.href=”#group-admins” ‘> in the theme header.php.
The trick is that the id “group-admins” is existing only on the desired pages, hence this method does not harm the ther pages.
But the problem is that it will display the hash #group-admins in all the URLs of the site, which is not desirable, and that none of the “smooth scroll” plugins have any effect with that.
Currently we use a very simple CSS with ” scroll-behavior: smooth;” but it goes to fast and there are no parameters. There are various code snippets or other tricks available online, but we could not find how to use them.

Example 2: Improving the menus on smartphone display, and find how to keep the “BP primary nav” in its usual location even when displayed in a widget.

Of course, these are only examples, and there can be many other “tweaks” to do, for this site and for our other sites.

They help us

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