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Category " 2: Social Problems "

This category is for the problems affecting the autistic persons and arising from the non-autistic social system and its flaws, of which we can see that autistics are not responsible (and that they are not given any chance to improve that).
(Ordinary family functioning is heavily influenced by the non-autistic social system).

In particular because of the very high sensitivity of the autistic persons to disharmony, inconsistency and injustice (see category 1), these “Social Problems” generate major disturbances and suffering for them, which are difficult for non-autistics to perceive, to believe or to take into account because they are insensitive to such “social problems”.

This is the second step, which must be analysed in order to understand the third step: the reactions of autistic persons to these social problems (see category 3).

If you want to understand better, you can read the section “Explanations” in Autistan.org(new window).

2 | Employment [A]

For questions from Autistic persons about employment or work concerning themselves (or autistic persons in general).

2 | Employment [N]

For questions from Non-autistic persons about employment or work concerning autistic persons.
For example, it may be questions from a parent of an autistic child who are worrying about his or her future, questions from an autistic adult trying to find a job, questions from an employer, from co-workers, or questions from other non-autistic people wanting to better understand how to foster the employment of autistic people or how to reduce certain difficulties or problems.

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