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Category " 3: Consequences of Social Problems "

This category is for the reactions of the autistic persons to the “Social Problems” (see category 2).
These reactions are generally the expression of suffering resulting from the lack of consideration or understanding of the “Social Problems” experienced by autistic persons.

When these manifestations are ignored, do not allow the suffering to be reduced, or – worse – generate an increase in “Social Problems” (created by other persons), then it is inevitable that an autistic crisis will occur sooner or later.

N.B. These sufferings and crises are not simply “because of autism” or “because of a problem peculiar to the autistic person”: it is necessary to begin by analysing the causes of these sufferings (see categories 1 and 2), which makes it possible to understand that they are almost always social defects to which the autistic person should never be forced to adapt.

If you want to understand better, you can read the section “Explanations” in Autistan.org (new window).

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