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S031040-S005320 Organizations of Autistic persons [ABLA Project | Participants]

(National Organizations of Autistic persons)

Note: The ability to work collectively and to communicate well is diametrically opposed to the autistic nature.
In addition, there is a significant problem with the notion of “social recognition”, which is learned by some autistics as the only correct way to achieve “self-esteem”.
(A priori, or “at the beginning”, the autistics are not interested by these two notions).
In summary, because of these problems (among others), the most visible and “socially capable” autistic persons are often those who least represent the nature and wishes of the majority of autistic people, and their attempts to organize (and often to make claims) often involve very significant problems of thirst for social recognition, authority or other problems which are very different from autism, and all that on a background of perpetual quarreling at any slightest opportunity.
For this reason, these associations or collectives should be approached with caution, and the participation of the most authentic (and “quiet and discreet”) autistic persons should be sought, even – and preferably – when they are not constituted into collectives.
(We can try to invent other ways of collaborating among “authentic” autistic people which would avoid the problems described, thanks to the concepts of Autistan and Autistance – with, in particular, the Working Groups and the tools for concrete production supposed to diminish these ego problems and interpersonal or “social” problems among “socialized” autistic people).
Eric LUCAS, 13/05/2020

This document is under construction.
Each document is modified little by little, according to the discussions at the bottom of the page:
please participate with your comments, suggestions and votes.
This way, each document is like a kind of “micro working group” focused on a detail of the project:
this is how we are building this project together.

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