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S031040-S005330 Organizations of Parents of Autistic persons [ABLA Project | Participants]

(National Organizations of Parents of Autistic persons)

Note: In most countries where there are national associations of parents of autistics, it can be seen that very often their motivations (and actions) do not really coincide with the interests of autistic people in general.
This problem is proportional to the strength of these associations, and it seems to be mainly due to financial factors.
We should not make generalities, but we can anticipate a certain disinterest of these associations for our project.
And in the case of interest, we may have to try and find whether their motivation is really aimed at improving the lives of autistic people in general, or whether the participation of these associations is rather aimed at their own reinforcement.
These questions are difficult but need to be addressed.
In case of doubts or difficulties, it may be useful to rely instead on the participation of less well-known or less powerful parent groups.
Eric LUCAS, 13/05/2020

This document is under construction.
Each document is modified little by little, according to the discussions at the bottom of the page:
please participate with your comments, suggestions and votes.
This way, each document is like a kind of “micro working group” focused on a detail of the project:
this is how we are building this project together.

[Autistan.org | S030000 | [S031000] ABLA Project (A Better Life for the Autistics)]

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