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S031041 Non-Autistic Experts [ABLA Project | Participants]

Typically: professional specialists of autism who really understand autism and who, hence, do not have a “defectological” approach.
The major problem here is that when such specialists do exist in a country, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, therefore they are extremely demanded and it seems very difficult to get them to participate.
However, it is not certain that their presence is indispensable, but it makes sense to offer them the opportunity to participate, and anyway each person can bring useful knowledge and insights.

This document is under construction.
Each document is modified little by little, according to the discussions at the bottom of the page:
please participate with your comments, suggestions and votes.
This way, each document is like a kind of “micro working group” focused on a detail of the project:
this is how we are building this project together.

[Autistan.org | S030000 | [S031000] ABLA Project (A Better Life for the Autistics)]

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